I am excited to invite you to read the newest item on the site--a chronicle of how I made a unique watch from some rare vintage parts.

Photo © C. Bradley Jacobs (

New articles are constantly in progress, and I always welcome hearing from readers. Browse the site, drop me a line, enjoy yourself and Watch Carefully.


A lot of research has resulted in a plausible theory of why some vintage Rado watches have an E appended to the name or 5-digit reference number (pre-1973). The E is thought to signify that the watch, whose earliest examples were powered by an AS movement, is a newer one powered by ETA (e.g., Diastar 1 and 1/E). Read more about this in the Rado Forum at

I’ve submitted a near-final draft of my next article for publication. Once it has been issued in print, I’ll be posting it on and including some additional images. For a teaser, check out #rado56h on Instagram. Here are a couple images to give you a flavor...

 Early 56H text

 Gold anchor hands markers



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