Check out the new Chronometer pages on the site, devoted to the 18k Rado 56-H, the steel Chronometer Ref. 11821, and some other accurate vintage timekeepers from Marvin and Favre-Leuba. Click the images below, or look under Rado or Watch Collecting, and let me know what you think!

56 H 18k sq FL 36000 11821 square sm Marvin Chronometer Victory Photo courtesy rado_jp 

A lot of research has resulted in a plausible theory of why some vintage Rado watches have an E appended to the name or 5-digit reference number (pre-1973). The E is thought to signify that the watch, whose earliest examples were powered by an AS movement, is a newer one powered by ETA (e.g., Diastar 1 and 1/E). Read more about this in the Rado Forum at equationoftime.com.

My new feature article about early Rado chronometer watches has been published
in the Watch & Clock Bulletin of the NAWCC


Now that it has been issued in print, I’ll also be adding some updates soon and posting it on WatchCarefully.com with additional images and information. For a teaser, check out #rado56h on Instagram. Here are a handful of images to give you a flavor...

 Early 56H text


56 H 1 sq 56 H 1 gold sq 56 H 18k sq Photo by the author later gold dial and hands of 56-H B 11821 square sm Diastar 1 Chronometer



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