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Brand: Rado

Model: Diastar 14

Ref.: 14

Issued Ca. 1972

Case: Tungsten-Carbide bezel, stainless steel back

Crystal: Flat Sapphire

Bracelet: n/a

Movement: ETA 2789, 25j, gilt.

Description: This is an uncommon Diastar model with rectangular tungsten-carbide case and a dial made of Goldstone. With a printed anchor logo (as opposed to the in-set rotating anchor found on most Rado automatics) and the white printing and marker elements setting off the stone dial material, this is typical of stone-dial Rado Diastars and Balboas of the period. Highly reflective metallic specks are scattered throughout the material giving the impression of dancing pinpoints of light. Click the links for information about a Diastar 13G with Tiger-Eye dial and a Diastar with black stone dial . A 1972 Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement for a stone-dial round Diastar and a rectangular model without stone dial (with pricing information) can be viewed by clicking here.

The case shows little wear and the back has no scratches but has been polished until the model name is barely visible. The movement is running smoothly but its service history is unknown. Overall condition of this watch is 80% or better.

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Diastar 14 with Goldstone dialDiastar 14 with Goldstone dialDiastar 14 with Goldstone dial

Diastar 14: detail of Goldstone dialDiastar 14: detail of Goldstone dialDiastar 14 movement view

This watch is not available for sale.

Note: More specific information pertaining to the manufacture/issue date of this watch is welcome via e-mail.

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