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A collection of vintage advertisements for Rado watches

A Vintage Rado Reference Page

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Vintage Advertising & Promotional Pages:

Schlup, Rado ad (1950):Rado advert (1957):
Italian ad for Captain Cook (ca. 1962):Japanese ad for Golden Horse (57 & 30 jewels), plus 30-jewel Diastar (1963):
Rado advertising slicks (1964):Rado advertising slicks (1964):
Rado ad (1964):Japanese ad for Golden Horse (ca. mid-1960s):
Japanese ad for Golden Horse (1966):Waterproof Manhattan & Diastar models (1967):
Manhattan & Captain Cook (1967):Day-Date models including Diastar, Manhattan, Starliner, Marco Polo, Ponce de Leon and Cortez (1969):
Japanese ad including Diastar, Golden Horse, Manhattan, Marco Polo, Voyager and Captain Cook; with close-up of model info (1969):.Ad for Diastar (ca. 1969):
Diastar model line (1969):New Golden Horse (1969):
Ladies models including Diastars, Manhattan, NCC, Voager and Green Horse (ca. 1970):
Japanese ad for Diastar (1970s):Japanese ad for Diastar Chronometer (1970s):
Japanese ad for Diastar & Diamaster 10 (1970s):Japanese ad for Diastar 1 (1970s):
Japanese ad for Rado dress models (ca. 1970s):Japanese ad for Marstron (ca. 1970):
Japanese ad for early Voyager (ca. 1970):Japanese ad for NCC 101 (ca. 1970):
Ad for NCC 101 (ca. 1970):Golden Gate, Diastar & others (ca. 1970):
New Manhattan & Diastar (ca. 1970):Japanese ad including Golden Horse, Manhattan, Marstron, NCC101, Matterhorn & Manchester (1971):
Diastar line (1971):Diastar 14 and Tiger-eye Diastar 13G (1972):
German ad for Electrosonic (ca. 1973):'Joday' Diastar with Tiger-eye dial (1973):
Diastar 14 (1973):Japanese ad for Quartz Rado (ca. 1973):
Japanese ad including Electrosonic, Ticino & Limmat (1974):Diastar Quartz, Automatic, and Electrosonic (1974):
Diastar & Tourneau (1978):Square Diastar (1979):
Another 1979 ad for square Diastar:German ad for quartz Diastars (1970s-80s):
German ad for quartz Florence (1970s-80s):Diastar Executive (1982):
German ad for quartz Diastar day-date (1970s-80s):Florence (1983):
Diastar (1984):Japanese ad for Diastar 'Anatom' (1986):

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